RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker)

A residual current circuit breaker, residual current circuit breaker, or earth fault circuit breaker is a device that quickly interrupts an electrical circuit to prevent serious damage from an ongoing electric shock. In addition to providing control of electrical circuits, it protects people against indirect and direct contact. It also protects installations against fire hazards caused by insulation faults. Residual current circuit breakers; It is used in housing, tertiary sector and industry. RCCB residual current circuit breakers are manufactured in accordance with EN 61008-1 standards.


detectable waveform

AC Class

Tripping is provided for slowly increasing sinusoidal AC residual currents.

Class A

Trip is provided for suddenly applied or slowly increasing sinusoidal AC residual currents and pulsed DC residual currents.

S, G/SI Class

The tripping is provided not only for sinusoidal AC residual currents, but also for spiked or slowly increasing pulsed DC residual currents. S, G/SI type, filtered against spurious tripping caused by harmonics and transients. With this high immunity obtained by the effect of 8/20us surge 3000A, the RCCB will still be in a stable state.

Opening Sensitivity

10mA - available for sensitive device leakage protection and bathroom use.
30mA - provides additional protection against direct contact.
100mA - coordinated with the grounding system according to the formula IΔn <50/R to protect against indirect contacts
300mA/500mA - provides protection against indirect contacts and fire hazard.

Opening Time

Provides instantaneous power-on (without time delay).
Short time delay
It provides at least 10ms any trip.
It provides full separation with a non-selective RCD located downstream.

RCCB Series

DEKO RCA Series 6 kA
DEKO RCB Series 10 kA
DEKO RCK Series B TYPE 10 kA


Technical Data